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Dispatches from the Drawing Room

Design notes: Dover Text

Dover Text unifies Caslon and Gill Sans into a bookish pair of small-print typefaces. The family shares proportions, features and character sets for broad, uniform functionality. ☛ Read this

Big news from Tiny Type

The Tiny Type Co. is now open for business. After years of drawing in relative silence, I’m ready to welcome you in. Let me introduce my first retail type releases: Dover Display and Monumental Grotesk. Come one, come all! ☛ Read this

Design notes: Monumental Grotesk

A short history of an old Dutch typeface. The background and process of making Monumental Grotesk. ☛ Read this

Design notes: Dover Display

The story behind Dover is an indulgent design fiction, researching the classic English typefaces and rewriting history. ☛ Read this