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About Tiny Type

The Tiny Type Co. is a small independent type foundry. It’s run by Robin Mientjes, a Dutch typographic and type designer. Look, there, in the picture!

Robin Mientjes, the proprietor of Tiny Type Co, turns into the wind, in a flowing outfit. Robin is recognisable by long curly hair, a slender frame, and a face like a Greek statue.

After graduating from the KABK in The Hague, Robin moved to Iceland for a brief time, and then on to Oslo, Norway. From there, she now runs the Tiny Type Co, publishing her own typographic work. Next to this, Robin is a designer at Scandinavian Design Group, focused on custom type.

Robin’s real issue is type. She’s well into it, you see. Robin likes to make more than she needs, for example when frying donuts or baking bread. And so, after years of dithering, doubts and excuses, in 2016 the Tiny Type Co. opened its doors. A small place for big type.

Custom type

The Tiny Type Co. is happy to provide custom (or customised) type design solutions to your general design problems. Past clients range in scale from a fashion designer to a tech startup, and stopping in-between for a feminist magazine.

Please send an e-mail with your questions and a situation overview; from there, we can start talking about type.