About the Tiny Type Co.

The Tiny Type Co. is a small independent type foundry, run from Oslo, Norway. It was founded in 2016 and focuses on small typographic palettes, firm in the belief that simple tools can produce complex works.

The foundry is run by Robin Mientjes (the curly lady in the picture). She graduated from the KABK in The Hague in 2011, and freelanced her way via Iceland to Norway, where she now publishes her own type at the Tiny Type Co. Next to this, she’s a senior designer at Scandinavian Design Group, with a focus on custom type and corporate identity.

She’s an active member of the Alphabettes collective, where she helps mentor up-and-coming type designers. She volunteers as the Head of Design for Oslo Pride, Norway’s biggest LGBTQ+ event of celebration, remembrance and community. Finally, she’s a visiting lecturer at HBK Saar, teaching design writing and articulation.

But in the end, Robin’s big thing is type. She’s really into it. She likes to make more than she needs – the same happens when frying donuts or baking bread. And so, after years of having more than she needs, she decided to open the doors to Tiny Type Co. in 2016. A small place for big type.

Robin Mientjes, the proprietor of Tiny Type Co, in front of an olive-green wall, looking perhaps a little stern. But believe me, she’s a bitch with a heart of gold. Photo by Anna Leijonhielm.
Robin in her office (2020)