The 2020 update

After nearly a year of tweaking and rewriting and redoing, the new Tiny Type site is live. Licensing is simpler, samples are bigger, and hopefully it expresses my core values better.

A simpler license model

After observing nearly four years of licensing habits, I’ve simplified the license model. Now, you choose between Mini, Small, Medium or Large, which should cover many of the typical use cases. This is inspired by how David Jonathan Ross and Stefan Ellmer have set up their systems, and I like how easy it feels.

Test the fonts better

The first thing you’ll see on the new type pages is that the style list is editable, so you can try things out the moment you see the style you like.

If you want to try the fonts in more detail, you can get trial fonts or use Fontstand. From Fontstand, you can also very easily upgrade your trials to rentals, or even into a full-blown purchase.

Tiny in name only

I may be a small studio, but I want my work to show up proudly. The new homepage should really capture that. On load, a random family will get highlighted, and a unique layout is made for every visit. Maybe you’ll see a glyph you like.

I’m also showcasing my custom work properly. I’ve been busy on plenty of challenging client projects, and now they’re all gathered in their own section of the site.

Pricing, updates, and discounts

This is the part people don’t usually like, but I’ve increased the base price of my license. In Norwegian wages, a single license roughly covers only half an hour of my time, and that’s before taxes and operating costs. I like to think my work provides more value than that for my users. Existing licensees will of course keep receiving free updates to their collection. Which brings us to the updates: all Tiny Type Co. fonts now support the same language set, extending the entire library to Vietnamese and all Sámi languages. There have also been bug fixes and small tweaks to typefit – I’ve learned a lot in four years. I repeat: these updates are free for existing licensees, so log in to download your new files. They will affect your layouts, so be mindful of that.

Students can now also get in touch for a discount. If you’re currently studying in higher education and want to work with my typefaces, you can get in touch. I’ll need a copy of your student ID, after which you’ll be able to buy the regular Mini license at 50% off.

Easily share your cart with others

You may have been working with some of my fonts. When nearing the end of production, it can often be easier for a client to buy their own license to a typeface. When you’ve made a selection of typefaces in your shopping cart, you can now easily copy a link that will directly open the purchase form, pre-filled with the styles you picked. No more confusion having to explain which fonts you needed or under which license: you can just send a link.


I received generous amounts of feedback and support from Andy Pressman, Jack Jennings, Magnus Holm, Jan Schjetne, Keya Vadgama, and many more. Without them, I’d still be tearing it down and rebuilding it every week.