Trial fonts

Try our typefaces before you buy them

Sometimes, you need more than just a sample PDF or a screenshot to convince a client of a typeface. Sometimes, you need to test the texture of a few pages of text to gauge whether a typeface works for you. To that end, the entire Tiny Type Co. collection is available as trial fonts.

Even though these files are free, they are not without their limitations. These are explained in the attached license file, but they’re also available to read at the bottom of the page.

By submitting your e-mail address, you are subject to the terms of the trial license. You can also sign up for the Tiny Type Co. newsletter, so you will get updates on new and existing fonts.

Tiny Type Co. End User License Agreement for Trial Fonts

  1. This license applies to the license owner or ‘owner’, or, for brevity’s sake, “you”. An owner’s license is covered by the according license type. A user is a person with up to three personally assigned computing devices. Please be aware of the scope of your license while you read this license agreement.
  2. I, Robin Mientjes (operating under Tiny Type Co.), am the owner of the fonts that come with this license. These files will be called “the fonts” in the rest of this document.
  3. The fonts in this license are trial fonts: a limited character set for the basic alphabet, plus numbers and punctuation.
  4. This license is non-exclusive and non-transferable. It takes effect the first time you install the fonts. It applies to the fonts and any free updates to the fonts. I reserve all rights that I have not granted you in this license.
  5. Within the limitations that follow below, you may:
    1. Install the fonts on up to three (1–3) personal computing devices.
    2. Use the fonts for sketching and testing.
    3. Use the fonts in client proposals.
  6. You may not:
    1. Use the fonts in commercial work.
    2. Use the fonts in websites, either personal or commercial.
    3. Use the fonts in applications.
    4. Use the fonts in e-books.
    5. Modify the fonts.
    6. Reuse the font files, or portions of the font files, in commercial or open-source projects.
  7. Please note: The fonts are offered to you on an “as is” basis. You assume the entire risk of the quality and performance of the fonts. You waive both the implied warranty of fitness and the implied warranty against infringement of third-party right.