License agreement

This is the Tiny Type user license. I know, I know: this is the boring part. But I’d love to offer a reason to read on. As a graphic designer, I have for years tried to traverse the many ways in which fonts can be bought and used. For my own foundry, I want to try something else.

Commonly, you buy separate licenses for every use case, even if these use cases are very similar. You often pay a large percentage fee for most of these, too. And that can lead to huge project costs that are hard to justify for a lot of people.

When you buy a license from Tiny Type, you get to use your purchase in a website and an e-book, next to including up to 3 different users. These numbers increase with your license package, and over the years I’ve found that most people are served by Mini, Small, Medium and Large.

So this is the license. Please read this document carefully. A PDF copy is included in every font package.

Tiny Type Co. End User License Agreement

  1. This license applies to the license owner or ‘owner’, or, for brevity’s sake, “you”. An owner’s license is covered by the according license type. A user is a person with up to three personally assigned computing devices. Please be aware of the scope of your license while you read this license agreement.
  2. I, Robin Mientjes (operating under Tiny Type Co.), am the owner of the fonts that come with this license. These files will be called “the fonts” in the rest of this document.
  3. This license is non-exclusive and non-transferable. It takes effect the first time you install the fonts. It applies to the fonts and any free updates to the fonts. I reserve all rights that I have not granted you in this license.
  4. Within the limitations that follow below, you can:
    1. Install the fonts on any computing devices dedicated exclusively to you, to the maximum amount of users as specified in the order. An account on a multi-user server qualifies as a computing device.
    2. Use the fonts in any way you like, including printed documents.
    3. Use the fonts on up to three websites. A website is defined as a single top level domain (, and includes subdomains ( and local development (such as localhost). If you need more domains, get in touch.
    4. Use the fonts in the amount of applications as stated in the order. An application is defined as a compiled executable binary, often referred to as ‘software’. This includes Apple iOS apps, Apple OS X applications, Microsoft Windows programs and Google Android apps.
    5. Use the fonts in the amount of e-books as stated in the order. An e-book is defined as an ePub-formatted collection of HTML, CSS and image files, or as a PDF (Portable Document Format).
  5. The allowed amount of computing devices, websites, applications and e-books per license is governed by the license table (fig. 1).
    License Allowed usage
    Mini Up to 3 users, 25,000 visitors, 1 e-book
    Small Up to 10 users, 50,000 visitors, 1 app, 1 e-book
    Medium Up to 25 users, 250,000 visitors, 1 app, 5 e-books
    Large Up to 50 users, 1,000,000 visitors, 3 apps, 10 e-books
    Figure 1: License table
  6. You can’t distribute copies of the fonts to unlicensed users, but you can embed the fonts as follows:
    1. You can embed read-only versions of the fonts in digital files you create, including PDFs, e-books (ePub), software applications and websites (as separately packaged webfonts). “Read-only” means that those who use your digital files can neither install the fonts nor use them to make new documents.
    2. You can embed read/write versions of the fonts in word-processing documents you create that will be shared with fewer than 20 people.
    3. These embedded rights don’t extend to files or websites you create on behalf of third parties (e.g., as an external designer or developer). Third parties need to get their own license.
  7. You can modify the fonts, but my copyright and trademark notices must remain intact. You can install and use these modified fonts under the same terms. No technical support is available for modified fonts. If you desire support for modifications, or if you desire the modifications to be made by a professional, or wish for my blessing for your own modifications, you can contact me.
  8. This license remains in effect until terminated.
    1. You can terminate this license by sending me a request for termination along with confirmation that you’ve deleted all copies you’ve made of the fonts, including embedded and modified copies. If you terminate within 30 days of your initial order, I’ll refund your license fee.
    2. If you breach this license, it will automatically terminate. Upon termination, you must delete all copies you’ve made of the fonts, including embedded and modified copies.
    3. If you have unusual or excessive technical-support needs, I can terminate your license by refunding your license fee. Upon termination, you must delete all copies you’ve made of the fonts, including embedded and modified copies.
  9. You may not use the fonts in a manner or in combination with material that is offensive or punishable by law. This includes, and is not limited to, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, gender discrimination or other expressions of intolerance that violate human dignity and wellbeing.
  10. Please note: The fonts are offered to you on an “as is” basis. You assume the entire risk of the quality and performance of the fonts. You waive both the implied warranty of fitness and the implied warranty against infringement of third-party right.
  11. Also note: My liability to you for costs, damages, or other losses arising from your use of my fonts—including third-party claims against you—is limited to a refund of your license fee.
  12. If an organisation paid for your license, the following terms also apply, and supersede conflicting terms elsewhere in this license:
    1. An “organisation” is an entity, or logical subdivision of an entity, with between two and 500 full-time employees.
    2. Everyone in the organisation who regularly edits documents that use the fonts is a user and needs to be covered by the license.
  13. For questions regarding OEM, large-scale and other forms of custom licensing, please get in touch.