Behind the design

Vipps is one of the most popular mobile apps in Norway. It makes it trivial to pay your friends, split a bill, or pay even if you forgot your wallet at home. All you need is a phone number. As part of a complete redesign, we developed a small type family that wants to be just as friendly as the app, just as simple, and just as unassuming.

Across five text styles and a display style (which is also used to produce the logo and its fifteen variants, all with different faces), a very large x-height makes this curvy grotesk look a bit goofy and a bit soft. Wherever possible, curves are exaggerated to emphasise roundness and softness, but the wide (if short) capitals provide a bunch of attitude. Broad language support rounds it out and makes it useful for everyone, from Vietnamese restaurants to Sámi fashion designers, from charities to businesses of any size.

Behind the work

Designed and developed while working at Scandinavian Design Group. Design director: João Doria de Souza. Design identity team: Kristina Nyjordet and Oliver Riches. Finished in 2017, with updates in 2020.