Behind the design

Smaks Sans was developed as a core component of the identity for Matstreif, the biggest farmer’s market and food trade fair of the year. The concept behind the identity was to give the food festival a more easy-going, festival-like feeling, and the typeface would be used to fill all the available space on every surface.

The variable font has three set widths (Kneaded, Proofed, Baked), which give easy access to the main values, but the real power lies in making tiny adjustments to make essentially any word fit to any surface. We worked from a very basic neogrotesk skeleton which demands very little attention for its forms, and allows the play with width to take the foreground.

Behind the work

Designed and developed while working at Scandinavian Design Group. Visual identity team: Nicklas Haslestad, James Martin, Vetle Uthaug. Finished in 2019.