Behind the design

Innovation Norway is the most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian industry, tourism and innovation. They work to promote Norway as a travel destination and trade partner, and also to establish and maintain Norway as a breeding ground for innovation and industry forerunner. As part of their identity development, a new type family was developed, helping to build and grow design cohesion across all their various projects, daughter companies, and other developments.

The design process started with two design needs: to tie together the many projects maintained or run by the company, and to have a design that can be played with, down the line. The first need lead us to a custom typeface, to allow the client to easily distribute the files across staff, offices and systems. The second need lead us to this very European design, as it allows us to stretch and pull at the letters with retention of the intended style.

The main European references came from Dick Dooijes’s Mercator, and from Adrian Frutiger’s Univers. Both typefaces have a sturdy, blocky quality to it that feels stable but not static. With the wide range in weights, many future design options have been opened up for the design team.

Behind the work

Designed and developed while working at Scandinavian Design Group. Visual identity team: Nicklas Haslestad. Finished in 2020.