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This site is run by Rob Mientjes Graphic Content, doing business as Tiny Type Co. It’s all the same person, so it’s easy to complain.

The site is typeset in Dover Text. Both the sans and the serif styles are used, and Dover Display is used for big headings and titles. Type samples, obviously, are typeset in the corresponding families. They’re annotated, so you can really dig into things.

Sometimes, an in-progress, unfinished, or otherwise incomplete typeface might be used for special cases. This is a hush-hush kind of affair. No pre-release knowledge is given at any time, and no promises are made. If you really like it, and you know what you want, get in touch.

Technical details

Great care has been taken to ensure that core functionality is available to all. No matter your browser support, you should be able to see the available products and be able to purchase these. However, for fancy-pants modern machinery, specific enhancements are available. The use of Javascript, in combination with cookies (of the boring, digital kind), allows one to fill up a metaphoric shopping cart with fonts.

The purchasing technology uses Stripe, a payment provider. You will receive a receipt from Tiny Type, but you might notice that a payment has been done to Stripe – this is not a mistake.

The code underpinning this site is mostly Jekyll, with a sprinkling of React and Ruby. It was developed in collaboration with Magnus Holm.

There are some fancy tricks if your browser is new. Certain subtle effects might appear in places, and fonts might be able to display more features. But if you don’t have a browser like this, things will still work and, hopefully, look great.